Monday, June 10, 2013

Quarryville to Quakesville

Greetings everyone!
I admit I have not been keeping up with this blog but that is about to change.  This blog has been rejuvenated.
My life has been a whirlwind lately.  In the past month I have graduated from college and moved to the other side on the world for a job that I am very excited about.  I hope to show you a glimpse of my adventures working in the dairy genetic industry in New Zealand.
It was very difficult to leave all my family and friends and not know when I might see them next.
I successfully packed my life into two suitcases (they were rather large) and two carry on items.  I left the town of Qarryville and the family dairy farm in beautiful Lancaster, Co. PA.  After over 24 hours of traveling by plane I arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand.  An area that has been devastated by earthquakes in the past.
A new chapter in my life has begun.
One of the first challenges I had to tackle was learning how to drive a manual on the left side of the road.  I have been driving an automatic on the right side of the road in America for the past seven years.  Before coming to New Zealand for this job I was not very good at driving manual, even my younger twin brothers with their permits can do it better.  It can freak you out just thinking about it.  All the traffic is going in the opposite direction, I'm sitting in the opposite seat, shifting with my left hand and doing the turn signal with my right hand and lets not forget about intersections, traffic circles and parking lots.  Driving was the biggest thing I was worried about.  Last Wednesday I could barely drive through the residential area of Lincoln, NZ.  I almost gave my coworker a heart attack on that first day of driving. 
My New Zealand work truck
Now I am proud to say that I can drive by myself through red lights and intersections and am getting better every day.  It was nerve wracking but I had to push myself to tackle this challenge.
Stay tuned for more of my adventures in New Zealand!

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